The Boost

Eligibility & How to Apply

At this time, an eligible applicant for The Boost is a woman, trans, and/or non-binary playwright age 40 or over who has had at least one production performed in front of a paying audience OR a script published by an established/known publishing/licensing house.

Application Requirements:

– A two-page project summary in which the writer describes the play they intend to write, and answers the question: what about Leah’s play The Wire inspired your idea for this play? 

– CV / production history

– Fifteen pages of a work that best represents your voice. (This does not need to be the first fifteen pages of the work, just the pages you feel are the strongest).

– One reference (someone who can speak to your work as a playwright and theater maker – a letter is not needed.)

About Leah’s play The Wire

The Wire is about a family of high wire circus act performers all of whom, at one time or another have had the dream, the nightmare really, about “being up on the high wire in front of thousands of people. In the dream, you start to fall. Then everyone else starts to fall. And then you wake up. Or else, you don’t. And if you manage to survive, perhaps even the simple act of setting foot on the floor will seem impossible.

How to apply:

Please click on the Community Foundations of the Hudson Valley logo below. You will be redirected to their website where you will need to create an account to submit your materials. 

If you have any questions please contact Project Coordinator Dev Bondarin at